Brunston Poon


An open-source download for stellarPYL is available at brunston/stellarpyl on GitHub

stellarPYL is open-source stellar spectra reduction and analysis command-line software written in Python 3. stellarPYL aims to provide a simplified workflow for analyzing uncompressed TIFF stellar spectra images obtained from a DSLR through a diffraction grating. It allows people with limited resources to gather and analyze their own astronomical data.

It is a part of the larger stellarPYL integrative stellar spectroscopy system which I designed, which includes hardware specifications for data collection as well as in-lab calibration methods. This project reduces the cost required to perform quantitative stellar spectroscopy fivefold (from ~$1500 to $300) and uses existing COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) technology. stellarPYL can do the following:

This project was supported by Dr. Geoff Mathews of the University of Hawaii, the Thomas Penrose Bennett Prize grants, and the St. Paul's School Engineering Honors program.